About Us

Located in the heart of Suffolk, near the market town of Stowmarket, Mid-Suffolk Hypnotherapy offers clinical hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis for most mind related matters and emotional issues.

Mid-Suffolk Hypnotherapy was founded by our senior consultant Mr Kerry Weaver, who has worked as a complimentary therapist since 2002 gaining many years of professionally supervised, clinical experience. Kerry is also an accredited hypnotherapy trainer and certified hypnotherapy instructor having trained, and supervised, numerous clinical hypnotherapists from many parts of the United Kingdom and Europe.

Mid Suffolk Hypnotherapy offers professional, caring and confidential help with: Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks, Fears, Phobias, Stress, Eating disorders, Psycho-sexual disorders, Weight management, Smoking cessation, negative habits and most mind related issues.

At Mid-Suffolk Hypnotherapy we have helped our clients overcome many types of emotional and mind related problems. Clinical hypnotherapy is suitable for many types of condition, so please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

All clients are offered an initial 15 minute telephone consultation free of charge. Our focus is on your psychological well being at all times, and you will always be treated as an individual with therapy tailored to your specific needs.

Mid Suffolk Hypnotherapy offers you help and support with your difficulties in a friendly, relaxed, safe and confidential environment. We can help you to explore your worrying feelings currently affecting your wellbeing with short or long-term therapy.

Mid Suffolk Hypnotherapy offers weekend and evening appointments subject to availability.

Contact us today and discover how clinical hypnotherapy could help you.